Options for Missing Teeth

dental-bridgeWhether you have a missing tooth or you are facing an extraction, you will have many tooth replacement options. We will discuss the pros and cons to each treatment. The condition of a patient’s mouth is definitely a contributing factor to what solution will work best. During your consultation, we will explore what would work best for your mouth and why. Below are options for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Bridge
A dental bridge can replace one or multiple adjacent missing teeth. Bridges usually use surrounding teeth for support, so these teeth will need to be strong and healthy.

Dentures are an option if all of your teeth are missing. Dentures are removable or can be fixed with dental implants.

Dental Implants
Dental implants offer the most complete natural looking smile with long-lasting results. Implants are a favored approach to maintaining a healthy mouth.

• Implants will support the health of the jaw bone
• Adjacent teeth are not affected at all
• Long-lasting and easily restored
• Permanent and easy to care for

What Happens If I Do Nothing?
There are many potential problems at risk for ignoring the empty space(s) in your mouth.
• Jaw bone will begin to deteriorate creating problems for future dental work
• The gum line in the surrounding area will begin to sink, creating problems for adjacent teeth
• Your facial structure will begin to slowly droop over the jawbone creating premature aging
• Adjacent teeth will begin to shift and drift into the open space
• Opposing teeth have no counter force with a gap present. Remaining teeth get overloaded during chewing and will end up moving forward and pushing front teeth outward.

If you are missing one or multiple teeth and would like more information about replacement options, call us today at 203-487-5577.

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