Addressing Tooth Discoloration After Trauma

teeth-discolorationWhitening your teeth can have a dramatic appearance if they are stained or discolored. If you have a tooth that has become discolored after trauma or injury, it can sometimes be treated successfully with whitening.

Causes Of Discoloration
Many factors can cause discoloration of the teeth, including food and beverages, aging, and certain medications. In addition, teeth can be discolored due to trauma or injury. This type of discoloration varies depending upon the kind of trauma experienced, the age of the tooth, and how quickly it was treated by a dental professional.

Why Can Teeth Become Discolored After Trauma?
When a tooth is injured, partially dislodged, or otherwise damaged, discoloration can result. A common cause of this change in color is the presence of blood in the tiny tubules in the dentin. These tubules allow sensation to pass from the tooth surface to the pulp. If the tooth interior is damaged, blood can move into them and make your tooth turn pink, gray, or even black. If you see this type of color change in your teeth, you should see your dentist right away to have it evaluated.

Whitening Options
Zoom whitening is an excellent way to jump start a teeth whitening regimen if you have significant tooth discoloration. We offer Zoom in office teeth whitening treatment for instant results. In office teeth whitening procedures can be followed up with teeth whitening at home to achieve the desired affects.

If your tooth has been damaged and become discolored, teeth whitening might help restore it to its natural color. However, you should consult with your dentist to be sure of the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, a damaged tooth must be removed, or might require a root canal to prevent serious problems in the future.

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