Create a Straighter Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dental office provides cosmetic dentistry services to help create a smile to be proud of. We want to partner with you to increase your confidence in smile and yourself. Misaligned or crooked teeth can hinder your confidence and create insecurities. The truth is that you are perfect just the way you are, but we want you to feel that way at all times. We are here to help.

Crooked Teeth
Crooked teeth can be results of hereditary or nutritional issues but it can also be due to incorrect jaw development, thumb sucking during teeth development, teeth crowding or other persistent gentle pressure. Even consistent tongue pressure on the teeth over a long period of time has been said to cause crooked teeth. Whatever the cause, crooked teeth can cause pain, make it difficult to eat and be more difficult to clean.

Misaligned Teeth
Misalignment of the teeth can create an overbite or underbite. This is when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth causing an overbite, or when the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth causing an underbite. Causes of this also vary from losing baby or adult teeth early on, having issues with gum disease, prior dental restoration, persistent pressure on the gums or teeth, incorrect jaw development or trauma to the jaw.

Straightening Your Smile
The process of straightening your teeth varies based on the severity of teeth. Options for straightening include braces, Invisalign or even surgery. We can make a mold of your teeth for Invisalign or braces or perhaps we need to discuss if a tooth needs to be pulled to help with crowding of the teeth.

Contact Us Today
We will ensure that you on the right path towards the straighter, impactful smile you have been hoping for. To get started, contact our office today at 203-190-1074.

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