Nobody likes to take a trip to the dentist, but taking care of your teeth is an integral part of overall health, not to mention the wellbeing of your teeth. That’s why regular appointments with professional dental care specialists is a must.

Yet there is a way to limit your time in the dental chair. We’re talking about preventing cavities and things like that. So here are five tips on how you can take better care of your teeth:

1.  Brush Twice a Day

You’ve probably heard this a million times throughout your life, but you really, really need to brush your teeth at least twice every single.

Buildup on your teeth is one of the primary causes of tooth decay. Eating food changes the chemistry of your mouth, and, depending on what you eat, this speeds up the process of tooth decay. Think of brushing your teeth as a kind of reset for the chemical balance in your mouth. You don’t want to wait too long between brushes because it only gets worse with time.

2.  Floss

Along with regular brushing, flossing in between your teeth also helps prevent tooth decay and bad breath as well. There are also some benefits for your gums from regular flossing. If you don’t currently floss, consider picking up a pack of flossers with the pick at the end. These are super affordable and easy to use. Try to floss after every time you brush your teeth and your dentist will notice – trust us.

3.  Watch Your Diet

One of the biggest impacts on your dental health is what you eat. Makes total sense, right? But aside from the traditional culprits like candies, sugar, and anything sweet, sodas and soft drinks that don’t have any sugar at all (think diet sodas) can also do tons of damage to your teeth.

This is because there is a chemical in soda that weakens the enamel on your teeth. Think of your enamel as the shield for your teeth and, when you weaken it, you leave it open to attack.

4.  Don’t Brush Too Hard

If you’re brushing regularly, that’s great. There’s just one important thing to remember… don’t brush your teeth too hard.

Remember how we told you about the tooth’s enamel in the previous tip? Even if you eat the best foods for your teeth, they will still make your teeth prone to decay.

One way to speed this up is to brush really, really hard. Think of brushing too hard as like having one too many diet sodas. It is also totally counterproductive. You can eat the best foods out there but if you are rubbing your enamel thin you will have issues with tooth decay.

5.  Don’t Brush Too Often

Along with not brushing your teeth too hard, don’t go overboard and brush them too often. This will also wear down the tooth’s natural defenses against decay and disease.

If you follow these 5 important tips for dental health, then there’s a good chance you can help prevent dental problems from occurring. Want to have an appointment with us? Call Smile Esthetics Scottsdale at (480) 867-1727 today!