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All about Dental Crowns

Depositphotos_27417871_sA crown is a dental cap that is put on a damaged tooth to help restoring its size, shape and strength, covering the entire visible part of the tooth.

There are many reasons for getting a dental crown:

    • It restores a tooth that is already broken or worn out;
    • Helps to shield a tooth from decay or cracking;
    • It helps to anchor a dental bridge;
    • It hides discolored or misplaced teeth;
    • It hides dental implants;

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Teeth Whitening: Do It Yourself or Visit the Dentist?

beautiful womanTeeth Whitening: Do it yourself or visit the dentist? This question is now being asked by millions of people on the internet. There are so many over the counter whitening products to chose from. Many of those whitening kits claim to be as good as a dentist treatment. Is this really the case? Not according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

In 2009, the ADA released a report on the dangers of using DIY teeth whitening kits. Continue reading

Restorative Dentistry Can Restore You Smile

bleaching teeth treatmentWhat is restorative dentistry? It is a specialized form of dentistry that involves restoring teeth that have been damaged from infection, injury, gum disease and age. If you have any of these issues, Dr Mariana Conant of  Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of Fairfield in Fairfield, CT can help you.

One of Dr. Conant’s specialties is restorative dentistry. Over the years Dr. Conant has been able to restore many beautiful smiles to her patients. Her commitment, dedication and passion shine through with every dental procedure. If you need restorative surgery, please call the friendly and helpful staff at our surgery and let us help you. Below is a list of restorative procedures that we can perform for you:

Esthetic Dentistry: Gone are the days of unsightly amalgam fillings. Modern composites now allow dentists to restore teeth to their original strength and color. The composites are made from very strong plastic that fuses to a tooth and holds it together. It looks good, doesn’t expand or break like amalgam and contains no mercury. If you have amalgam fillings you may want to consider having them replaced. Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Keep your Gums Healthy

???????????????????There are several unique ways to keep your gums healthy and maintain a regular oral hygiene. Here are a few easy and practical methods, prescribed by doctors.

Intake of Vitamin C: foods rich in vitamin C can help in avoiding any gum diseases or infections. Fruits like strawberries, papayas, oranges, grapes and lemons are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that are not only healthy for your body but are also beneficial for your gums. They help with the growth of body tissues and with the regeneration of bones. Rubbing lemon juice and a little bit of salt on irritated gums can also temporarily relieve pain. Continue reading

How to Prevent Dry Socket after Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Woman Brushing Her Teeth With A Tooth BrushDry socket can occur after having wisdom teeth removed and can be an extremely painful, unpleasant condition, albeit only temporary. It is more likely to occur where lower wisdom teeth have been removed, rather than the upper ones. Fortunately it affects fewer than 5% of patients, but there are steps that can be taken to prevent it.

A socket is simply a hole in the bone where the tooth was extracted. It will fill with blood which then clots and protects the bone and nerves underneath until healing takes place. The blood clot is essential to healing. If the blood clot is dislodged this can lead to dry socket. Continue reading

I Just Had My Teeth Whitened! What Can and Can’t I eat or drink?

Having your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office can be quite an expensive investment but offers the one of the best enhancements to your smile.  For this reason, it is important that you take care of your newly whitened teeth so that they can maintain their color for a long time. One way of ensuring this is watching what you eat. You need to be particularly careful about what you eat in the first few weeks after the teeth whitening procedure. In this post, we tell you the foods to eat as well as those you need to keep away from.

Foods to Eat

Go for room temperature foods. After undergoing a tooth whitening procedure, there may be a period of pain or sensitivity that lasts up to 72 hours. Continue reading

Dr. Mariana Conant Shares information on the Consequences of Losing Teeth

Fairield, CT – Many consequences of losing teeth are noticeable, like the changes in the way you look and speak. Those results often cause low self-esteem and a lack of confidence that can make it difficult to develop new relationships or find jobs that require interacting with the public. You may suffer from embarrassment and insecurity because you look older than your true age and feel that people seem to notice your teeth more than they notice your attractive features.

However, some consequences of tooth loss are not so apparent, and those are even more serious due to the impact they have on your health. Bones must have a certain amount of stimulation to retain their solidity and shape, and supplying that stimulation to your jawbone is one of the important functions performed by your teeth. Continue reading

The Best Options for Replacing Missing Teeth in Fairfield, CT

Most people look at the loss of their teeth in aesthetic terms before considering the health implications. Missing teeth reduce the functionality of your bite and can lead to bone disintegration in your jaw. This, in turn, can lead to widespread shifting in your other teeth. Lost teeth also invite increased risk of gum infection, an ailment that can lead to health problems throughout the body. Replacing missing teeth is an essential component of responsible oral health, and Dr. Mariana Conant provides several options for patients who need the work done.

Single Tooth Dental Implants
For Fairfield, Connecticut residents who have only one missing tooth, a single-tooth dental implant may be the best option for replacement and restoration. Continue reading

Dental Erosion and the Effects of Soda and Sports Drinks From Dr. Mariana Conant

Fairfield, CT – If you’re thirsty, you might think there’s no harm in drinking a soda. The caffeine will wake you up, and you’ll enjoy the refreshingly sweet taste. You could opt for a sports drink instead, reinvigorating your lost nutrients. Did you know that you could be damaging your teeth? Sugar, acidic chemicals and food coloring cause dental erosion. Sodas and sports drinks are among some of the worst offenders.

Enemies of Enamel
Your teeth are coated with a natural enamel to protect them and help them last longer. Enamel is a barrier from cavities and tooth decay. Continue reading

When To See a Periodontist

Many people stand the risk of getting gum disease because of poor oral hygiene. Consequently, they might need to visit a periodontist for evaluation and treatment. Most dentists can routinely treat a mild type of gum disease. However, if the gum disease is progressed to a complicated state, most dentists prefer that the patient see a specialist for an in depth assessment. A periodontist specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum disease such as periodontitis and gingivitis. Some of the services a periodontist offer include: tooth extraction; deep gum cleaning; placement of implants, root therapy; cosmetic dental procedures and any type of surgery to the jaw bone. Continue reading