All toothbrushes are the same, right? Wrong, and you might be surprised to find out why. Some toothbrushes are better suited to certain kinds of dental situations, while others might be easier on your gums or better at removing tough plaque.

You’ve probably never thought about how to choose the perfect toothbrush for yourself, but we have a few tips for you so that you can make the best, most informed decision.

About The Toothbrush Bristles

There is a range of bristles out there but, for most of us, soft bristles are the way to go. Not only is this unlikely to cause irritation to your gums but also it won’t wear down the enamel on your teeth. If you need a tougher bristle, your dentist will likely let you know.

Along those lines, you also want to look for a toothbrush with a small head on it. This means that the toothbrush can more effectively reach hard-to-get places which will result in a better clean every single brush. And that’s key to good dental health: Cleaning as much of your teeth as possible and doing it on a regular basis. So next time you’re out buying a toothbrush, make sure it is the right size for your mouth.

How The Toothbrush Fits You

In terms of the grip, shape of the toothbrush head, and the overall style, you can pick what you like. The main thing to keep in mind is that the toothbrush needs to fit inside of your mouth. That’s it. It might seem like common sense, but this is actually one of the biggest issues that people have with their toothbrushes.

As far as how long you should keep your toothbrush around, most professionals recommend that you keep a toothbrush for three months or throw it away when it starts showing wear and tear.

On top of this, you want to discard any toothbrush you have used while you were sick. Germs can get embedded in the bristles and actually make you sick again. To avoid that, change out your toothbrush after you’re sick.

If you’re in any kind of doubt about the type of toothbrush you should get, the single best way to find out what toothbrush is good for your mouth is to ask your dentist. Not only are they the most versed in dental health but they also have a depth of knowledge that would enable them to give you advice on your case specifically. So don’t hesitate to bring it up next time you are in the dental chair.

If you keep these tips in mind, then you’re going to find the perfect toothbrush for your specific situation.

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