In general, dental implants are the preferred technique to replace lost teeth. Titanium implants have been and remain the mainstream in implant dentistry for more than four centuries. Today, most dentists are trained to use and offer dental implants that are all metal titanium and titanium steel.

The Qualities of Titanium 

The human body is designed to dismiss foreign objects, and there are plenty of liquids throughout the human body when it comes to metal items that could cause a lot of corrosion. However, it is the perfect material for dental implants owing to some of the distinctive features of titanium.

Titanium is highly biocompatible. What this means is that it has a strong passivity and is resistant to most mineral acids and chlorides than any other body fluid kinds that may cause corrosion on other metals.

Sitting in a human body is not just about titanium being secure. This metal will fuse through a method called osseointegration with current bone.

Can Anyone Get A Dental Implant?
In general, if you are healthy enough to receive a routine dental extraction or undergo oral surgery, you are probably a good candidate for dental implants. You will need to have healthy gums and, more importantly, enough bone to hold onto and integrate with the titanium implant.

How Long Does It Take?
Placing a titanium dental implant will take some time, not for the actual procedure, but it will take a while for the bone to properly fuse to the titanium. In general, we expect this to take anywhere from three to four months, depending on a number of different variables.

Once the bone and the titanium have formed a secure bond, your dentist will attach the abutment and the crown so you can start smiling again.

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