Loose dentures can be troublesome. Over time dentures allow your jaw bone to shrink and will remain loose over your lifetime, constantly demanding adjustment, adding embarrassment and taking away the comfort of the feeling of natural teeth.

Common Problems With Dentures
It can be difficult to get the perfect fit with dentures and even if they fit well after you have had them made, this may change over time. Your mouth can change as you age, causing your dentures not to fit properly anymore. This can cause pain and gum irritation.

Health Concerns
Eating certain foods with dentures can be extremely difficult. Foods such as meat, apples, corn, nuts, lettuce and carrots pose the greatest challenge. Many of the best foods simply have to be dropped from your diet, which is a big loss from a health perspective, particularly as you get older. Approximately 29 percent of people with dentures are only able to eat soft foods. When food is not chewed properly, food fragments are too large to be broken down by the digestive system and nutrients are not extracted from the food. Studies have indicated that patients with dentures generally have higher rates of malnutrition because of the effect on their diet.

Denture Alternative
There are a few alternatives available for dentures such as fixed bridges and dental implants that might provide a better solution for tooth replacement. Dental implants are considered to provide the most natural looking and functioning tooth replacement. The advantage of dental implants is that they are designed to last a lifetime, they feel and look just like natural teeth, are easy to care for, do not cause bone loss nor do they have to be taken out at night.

Benefits Of Implant Dentures:

• Better retention, no chance of slippage
• Improved health of bone and gums
• Ability to eat without restrictions
• No adhesives needed
• More natural look and feel

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