It is said that an impression is made within the few seconds of meeting a person and invariably a person with a beautiful smile is sure to make a good impression. It is very likely that some time or the other your teeth will get damaged due to accident, decay or with continuous usage. In case you loose teeth due to accidental damage there are many options available to get it fixed.

For replacing a broken tooth, dentures were considered the best option until some time back. With advancements in dental care methods, dental implants have taken the place as the preferred method for fixing a broken tooth. Dental implants give a more natural look and feel to the tooth thereby giving a person a boost in his self-confidence.

Basically, Dental implants are non-natural stubs that are fitted inside the jaw over which an artificial tooth is fitted. The artificial stubs work as roots and hold the artificial tooth just like natural stubs. Both, individual tooth related dental implants as well as bridge implants are available in dentistry.

Individual dental implants

These are made possible by the fact that individual teeth are not connected with each other and are placed in the jaw. For replacement with dentures, several dental implants are fixed into the jaw and then joined with artificial teeth.

Dental implants

These are not prescribed to everyone. After taking the proper examination of the molds and x-rays of the teeth, a dentist takes the decision of whether the patient should go for dental implants or not. Good oral health and healthy bone structure are needed to support a dental implant. Apart from this, the dentist may also ask some general health-related queries and take note of all the medicines that you are prescribed to ascertain that they would not hamper the smooth running of a dental implant.

A dental implant is done in three surgical procedures. All the procedures are done by giving local anesthesia to the patient. During the first dental surgery, the dentist makes a small insertion in the gum to uncover the jaw bone. After a hole is drilled in the jaw bone, a dental implant is placed and covered by stitching the gums back like the original. After the procedure, an x-ray is taken to see that the proper placement of the implant is done.

After a few months, the jaw bone attaches itself to the implant. In the second surgical procedure, the dentist again makes a small insertion in the gum to expose the dental implant. A protective screw placed in the implant is then replaced with an abutment. The dentist covers the opening again with stitches to cover the implant.

In the third surgical procedure, a bridge or a crown is installed to complete the procedure of dental implant.

Many times, problems associated with the procedure are experienced by patients after the surgery. Common problems include infections and bone not attaching properly to the implant. Such problems can be corrected with minor corrective procedures.

Although expensive, one should never opt for cheap, low quality dental implants as they not only waste your money but also are a great threat to your health. Good quality dental implants more than makeup for their cost by giving you a life long satisfaction along with a dazzling smile.

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