When the plaque in your mouth builds up, it transforms into tartar. The more this construction continues, the more under your gum the tar will dig. Tartar can cause your gums to detach from your bone and build deeper periodontal gaps to allow bacteria to burrow further. This is the periodontal cycle. If your immune system is trying to battle the bacteria in the periodontal pits, the gums turn red and inflamed.

Scaling And Root Planing
Scaling or deep washing is a no-surgical periodontal procedure that extracts available tartar, bacterial contaminants, and etiologic agents, which cause gum tissue and the underlying bone to become inflammatory. The aim of scale-out and root flushing is to eradicate bacteria and restore the supportive systems of the teeth to a healthy state which can be preserved at our offices by home care and professional support.

Locally Delivered Chemotherapeutics
Antibiotics with anti-microbials may be recommended to help control the growth of bacteria. In some cases, we may place Arestin in the periodontal pockets after scaling and root planing to further control infection and encourage normal healing.

Arestin is an antimicrobial approved by the FDA. Placement of Arestin is recommended for the treatment of periodontal disease with pockets greater than 5mm in an effort to achieve greater pocket reduction and possibly avoid the need for definitive surgical procedures. Arestin uses unique microsphere technology to deliver the antibiotic directly to the infected area.

Periodontal Maintenance
Is performed to limit the progression of further periodontal disease. This procedure is for patients who have previously been treated for periodontal disease. Typically, maintenance starts after completion of active periodontal therapy and continues at varying intervals of every 3-4 months.

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