Thanks to the advancement in dental technology, dentists are able to provide patients with a variety of options to improve their smile. Bonding, veneers, and implants are some of the cosmetic dentistry services provided that can give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Dental Bonding
Teeth with stains, cracks, chips or spaces, dental bonding is an excellent dental procedure. Bonding can enhance the look of teeth by improving the appearance of these dental imperfections. Bonding can also be used to protect and cover an exposed tooth root and fill cavities. A bonding procedure can easily be done during one dental office visit. The dentist will use an etching solution with enamel colored materials and apply them directly to the surface of the tooth.

Veneers are custom shells made from porcelain to cover the exterior of teeth. They can enhance the color of the teeth and shape and have a longer lifespan than dental bonding. If you have spaces, permanent stains, a crooked or worn down shape, or unsightly chips you may want to consider veneers. To place veneers, your dentist will first take an impression of your tooth. The veneer is secured by using cement and a special light used to harden the cement.

Dental Implants
If you have missing teeth, dental implants are a long term option to a full and brilliant smile. Implants are different than bridges, which use neighboring teeth as anchors. If you suffer from periodontal disease and have bone loss, a bone graft may be needed, so the implant has a stable foundation. Implants are made up of three distinct parts, titanium metal, an abutment, and the crown.

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