Millions of people have looked for aesthetic solutions to address issues they have with their smile. Over the years, these aesthetic solutions have only gotten better. At Smile Esthetics Scottsdale, the full-smile makeover is one of our most popular procedures. We get a full understanding of the look that is desired by her patients and creates a step-by-step plan to achieve that. When we do this, the smile is refined to be a very personal facial feature. At the same time, several additional benefits can be attained.

Correcting Dental Problems 

Correcting cosmetic concerns is the primary reason for wanting a smile makeover. The function may also be improved along the way. For instance, crowns may be placed on certain teeth either to correct the shape or to repair the damage, if necessary. In so doing, the coverage can strengthen the overall durability of the tooth. A smile makeover may also need to involve tooth replacement. Dental implants and bridges are great treatment options that lend to both the beauty and strength of the smile. 

Problems that are discovered during the pre-treatment dental exam with our Dental Experts require restorative care in order to achieve the intended goal of a beautiful smile that lasts. If a cavity is found, a tooth-colored resin filling is capable of hiding all the evidence. Damage or other concerns on the surface of front teeth are usually disguised with beautiful porcelain veneers. Veneers are actually one of the most impactful parts of a smile makeover, capable of restructuring the entire smile by perfecting the proportions between teeth, gums, and the lips.

When a patient consults with us about a smile makeover, we do not just seek to make teeth straighter or whiter. The ultimate outcome that should come from correcting concerns is feeling at home in the smile that has been specifically created for you.

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