Smile Makeover

We all know that an attractive smile is aesthetically pleasing, but for patients who have suffered trauma, it can be important to their well-being. If you suffer from bite issues, you can have dietary problems from the inability to eat certain foods. Self-image is equally as important too, and our Doctor understands this when consulting with patients who need or desire a smile makeover. An attractive smile is a combination of different features such as size, color, shape, and the orientation of the teeth relative to the patient’s facial features. At Smile Esthetics Scottdale our intent is to give patients the smile they want. Successful dentistry and restoration is a partnership between the dentist and the patient.

A smile makeover includes several steps to restoring a proper smile:

The dentist must diagnose the nature of the patient’s teeth that are preventing a good smile profile. The patient’s dental history will review, along with photographs and dental x-rays for analysis.

Smile Imaging
Next is to understand what the patient desires for the end result. We can review suggested smile profiles and help decide if they can be included in a patient‘s existing tooth structure.

Whitening can provide one of the best results. applying it at the whole mouth will help set the base color for any restorative work that needs in a smile makeover.

Molds And Laboratory
The dentist will make molds or impressions of the patient’s current teeth. These will modify to create temporary molds to show the changes in the smile when the work is complete. Work can begin once the patient has agreed to any changes.

Preparation, Temporary And Permanent Restoration
Depending on the treatment plan, teeth may need surface preparation to prepare them for the permanent implants or other restorations. The impressions made earlier can make temporary teeth that will help the patient view their final new smile. The dental laboratory will then prepare any permanent structures, and at the final restoration appointment, they are placed in the patient’s mouth to create their new look.

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