Crown Lengthening is a periodontal gum reshaping procedure in which gum tissue or bone is removed to expose more of the tooth structure. This can be used for cosmetic purposes such as minimizing the appearance of a gummy smile or prosthetic purposes such as exposing more tooth to support a crown or a filling.

Restorative Crown Lengthening
Crown lengthening provides the necessary space between the supporting bone and the new restoration, preventing it from damaging your gum tissues and bone. If the procedure is needed to restore a tooth that is decayed or fractured near the bone, then the area around the defect is treated.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening
For cosmetic procedures, one tooth can be treated to provide an even appearance at the gum line, or what we call the whole smile line can be treated to create a natural smile line. Cosmetic crown lengthening can be done in conjunction with restorative dentistry or by itself as a way to improve the smile. The goal is to lengthen the appropriate teeth and create greater symmetry at the gum line.

Am I A Candidate For Crown Lengthening?
Candidates for crown lengthening are those in good general health, specifically those with healthy gums. Those with a gummy smile, decay or a crack near the gum line are also strong candidates.

After Surgery
Healing time varies from patient to patient depending on the amount of tissue removed during the procedure. When your crown lengthening procedure is completed, you will be given detailed post operative instructions.

When healing is complete, you may move onto other cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures. These may include crowns, bridges, or porcelain veneers.

What Are The Benefits of Crown Lengthening?
Whether you have crown lengthening to improve function or esthetics, patients often receive the benefits of both, a beautiful new smile and improved periodontal health.

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