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Nothing says beautiful better than a healthy smile

Flashing a smile can definitely enhance your looks. To get that promotion at work, discoloration or damage should not hold you back from showcasing that mega-watt smile of yours.

Fortunately, you can improve your smile today.


 The Cosmetic Fix You Need

At Smile Esthetics Scottsdale, that is our goal: to create new smiles that make you feel good about yourself. We provide Fairfield cosmetic dentistry that helps you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you want in a comfortable setting. And Dr. Conant’s commitment to dental artistry ensures every procedure is done efficiently and accurately.


Trusted Cosmetic Procedures

To achieve a beautiful smile, our practice uses pain-free, cutting-edge techniques and advanced technology. Some of our cosmetic procedures include:

Dental veneers. This dental appliance corrects chipped or broken teeth; also useful for the in-between gaps.

Dental bridges. Recommended for cases of missing teeth. Bridges support neighboring teeth to fill gaps.

Implants. One of the best options for missing teeth, implants are ideal for patients who aren’t big on removable dental appliances.


Your Local Cosmetic Dentists

We offer an extensive range of dental makeover options to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. With our advanced equipment, modern facilities, and expertise in oral health, we bring you reliable service in cosmetic dentistry in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Our team works with each patient individually, to create a personalized plan that meets your needs. We value our relationship with each patient so we encourage you to talk to our dentist.

Cosmetic procedures do improve appearances, and it can do more than maintain your best asset: your smile.

Get that beautiful millionaire smile without breaking the bank. For more information on your options, talk to us today.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

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